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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 24, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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>> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- jake gyllenhaal. >> that's an enormously wide tie. >> jimmy: get your boyfriend to tie it up for me. we had something lady gaga would eat oatmeal out of. >> dicky: jerry weintraub. and music from 11-year-old quinn sullivan. >> jimmy: if you feel the urge to terror ize[@[@[@[@[@[@[@[@[@@
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word about enterprise rent a car. the company that doesn't just talk about customer service, they live it. did you know an enterprise employee came up with the idea of picking customers up? that's right. empowering employees to exceed your expectations is the enterprise way, and it's such a good idea that i want to try it myself by asking my staff here for their suggestions on how to make "jimmy kimmel live" a better show. >> what do you call those cash things that you get inside, the cash booths with the wind? >> you should do gun tricks. >> i think jimmy should be black. >> i think you should have bigger blocks of butter. >> we need a bigger time machine.
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>> i think instead of a desk, jimmy should sit behind a little brick wall with cup cakes on it. that would be so cute. >> two words. roast beef carving station. >> tapas tuesdays? >> jimmy: i think the message here is, i need to hire some enterprise employees. >> dicky: enterprise rent a car. when you need to rent a car, pick enterprise. we'll pick you up. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with jerry weintraub, music from quinn sullivan and jake gyllenhaal. to customers and employees. in fact, it was an enterprise employee who came up with the idea of picking you up when you need to rent a car. it was a great idea. at your house. at the repair shop. we'll pick you up. wherever you need us. we'll be there. listening. let us show you what that means. [ male announcer ] pick enterprise.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jake gyllenhaal. producer jerry weintraub. and music from quinn sullivan. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live"
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>> dicky: and now, places, everybody! here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to become my friend. and let me just say this, i want you all to know you're all my new best friends. but you'll never see me again. i'm going to miss him the most. he was laid off recently. this is crazy. the other night, you know, you may have heard charlie sheen showed up and kissed me right on the lips. and it was a big story because everything charlie sheen does is a big story. and none of us know where libya is, so --
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[ laughter ] some people thought it was funny, some people thought it was weird. at least one people were so disturbed by this turn of events that he grabbed a gun and menaced his family. >> charlie sheen surprised the audience at "jimmy kimmel live" and even the host himself when he showed up at the talk show and planted a big kiss on kimmel. the clip has played over and over but when the replay aired in this home, it engaged 47-year-old david o'hara. he and his girlfriend were flipping through the channels before they went to bed last night and the smoosh set him off. his girlfriend didn't want to be on camera, but told us our her innocent channel changing went wrong. >> we getting ready to get into bed and going through the television, i seen that and i said, look at that man how he kissing that man. he kissing that man like he kissing a woman, and he just snapped. i don't want to see [ bleep ]. >> a group of friends heard the
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screams and went to check on the couple. that's when sheriff steve newton says o'hara got a gun, putting it to the back of his girlfriend's head. his girlfriend says he had been drinking before his violent outburst and believes his prior stint in prison has made him sensitive to homosexual behavior. >> jimmy: with women it's okay. wow, that's -- i'm guessing -- [ applause ] i'm guessing probably not much of a "glee" fan either. i feel kind of bad that i caused such a problem. now he's going back to jail to be man molested again or whatever happened. i should send him something to make up for this. you know, maybe i'll ask jake gyllenhaal to sign a copy of "brokeback mountain." that should do the trick. by the way, if you feel the urge to terrorize your family with a gun after watching our family, please call our hotline. counselors are standing by. speaking of shows that make you want to get a gun, since you're here, i'll assume you didn't watch "american idol" tonight?
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i did. i like to think i watch it so that you don't have to. it was motown night. also known as whitey ruins motown night. this isn't the first time they've had motown night. seasons one, two and eight the top ten did motown songs in season three, the top 12 did. tonight, it was the top 11 singing motown. you can see, they've really reinvented themselves. one of the more notable contestants this season is a young guy named scott. he's the country singer with richie cunningham's face and darth vader's voice. ♪ don't go riding on that long black train ♪ >> jimmy: the voice doesn't fit the face. this voice coming out of him to me would make a lot more sense. ♪ there's victory in the lord i say ♪ ♪ victory in the lord
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>> jimmy: sounds like he should sound like kermit, right? tomorrow night, one singer will be eliminated. it's tough to get the boot before the top ten, because no one will remember you. we have enough troubling remembering who won. who won it last year? lee didn't win. did lee win? he did? i thought chris allen won. see, no one knows what the hell is going on. someone really needs to open an all-rejected "american idol" contestant singing waiter restaurant. they sing, come around. instead of sending people home, ryan seacrest just gives him his order. ch chantal, you're going home. can i get a salad? steven tyler didn't disappoint. it wouldn't be a wednesday without it. it's time for steven tyler's creepy leer of the night. >> you know, you're 15,
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16-year-olds old, 16 now, okay, i don't expect you to have all the life experience -- >> jimmy: when he hears the word teen, it sets off a reaction. this is good. this is another singer named paul mcdonald. listen, he's singing the song "the tracts of my tears" whi. tell me what word you hear him sing. ♪ i need you baby ♪ i'm -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: let's listen to that one more time. ♪ i'm -- >> jimmy: he's definitely spending too much time around steven tyler. more trouble on the set of the broadway musical "ciderman." they lost the show's lead actress, she got hurt during a battle scene. it's now the second-leading cause of death in america.
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this is the fifth cast member to be injured since the show started production. you know, i hate to say i told you so, but you know, if they listen, i told them they should do this in the ball pit at chuck e. cheese. we could have avoided all of this. the producers of the show are scrambling, trying everything they can to fix the show by putting more of the focus on what so far has been working best. >> this summer, broadway's most talked about musical reinvented with a new look, new director, new choreographer and all new songs from bono and the edge. songs like "oh my god i think that it's fractured. " ♪ oh my god ♪ i think that it's fractured ♪ ow ♪ ow ♪ ow >> and you'll love "i just fell four stories onto an old woman. ♪ i just fell four stories onto an old woman ♪
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>> call ticketmaster today for "spider-man, call an ambulance." >> jimmy: you can see in the footage, he falls off the platform, that's part of the thing. they really need to cancel this thing already and get bono back to doing what he does best, which is providing people in third world countries with wraparound sunglasses. president obama has been in latin america this week, but he had to cut his trip short today because of the situation in libya and also to check his ncaa bracketses he's doing very well. moammar gadhafi has been defiant in the face of u.s. missile strikes. he's latching at hem. >> translator: we are making fun of their rockets. the libyans are latchi ilaughin these rockets. >> jimmy: that's the kind of thing that daffy duck says before he gets hit with a missi missile. how can you make fun of anything when you've been photographed wearing this hat? you can't.
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like something lady gaga would eat oatmeal out of. i'm still not sure how to play gadhafi's name. sometimes it starts with a g, sometimes with a k, sometimes with a q. it would be nice if we -- we are bombing, we need to settle on a spelling the guy is the hanukkah of dictators, you know? elsewhere in the middle east, iran had a scientific breakthrough. they claim to have built a flying saucer. that's right. it's an aircraft called zohal, which means saturn in english. it's an unmanned spaceship. it's either a flying saucer or someone heimliched a falafel after lunch. they made some huge leaps in the 30 years since they've discovered fire in iran. but do we believe iran has invented a flying saucer? if that's true, why is everyone in this country still driving a late '70s pugot? peta, the people for animals,
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they got naked in public here on hollywood boulevard yesterday. you may have seen it if you're in the neighborhood. and when anyone takes off their clothes in public, our local news crews are right there. >> naked inside a makeshift shower, peta beauties are bearing it all to promote a vegan lifestyle. they're distrabcting drivers on hollywood boulevard. >> jimmy: dallas cowboys wide receiver dez bryant had a run-in at the mall on saturday. he was ejected from a dallas-area mall and given a criminal trespass warning after they stopped him for wearing pants that were too low to the ground. he was at the mall visiting his mom, lane bryant, and -- he claims that it wasn't his pants, he goes kicked out because his friend's pants were too low.
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some of the shoppers say you could clearly see his cinnabons and his baby gap. maybe he was at the mall to buy a belt? i mean, really. this is great. now the players are getting locked out of malls. it's -- they've got to get these guys back on the field already. though, i tell you what, it is kind of refreshing to hear a story about an nfl player without pants who isn't brett favre. and -- one more thing. you know, you remember that soccer announcer, a few years ago that yelled goal for 4:30 straight until he passed out unconscious? well, this is from a professional basketball game in spa spain. this team beat real madrid in overtime which caused the announcer to become very, very emotional. [ speaking foreign language ]
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[ speaking foreign language ] [ laughter ] >> what does this mean? oh, my god, what does it mean? tell me. >> jimmy: i wonder if the double rainbow guy knows he's got a voice twin in spain? [ applause ] we've got a good show for you tonight. that young man, an 11-year-old guitar player, his name is quinn sullivan, he's here with us. hollywood legend jerry weintraub is with us. and we'll be right back with jake gyllenhaal, so stick around.
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>> jimmy: wow, how about that? thank you for watching. welcome to our home. on the show tonight, a great character if ever there was one. he is the subject of a new documentary on hbo called "his way." it premieres april 4th. jerry weintraub is with us. and also tonight, we've been enjoying listening to him here sitting in with the cletoneclet. quinn sullivan. how are you? >> doing good. >> jimmy: you're some guitar player. 11, huh? >> yes, yeah. >> jimmy: how long have you been
12:23 am
playing professionally? >> probably since i was maybe 8 or 9. >> jimmy: that's when i got started, too. and you have your own album and everything. there's the album right there. it's called "cyclone." it came out yesterday. i tell you something, i was 12 before i put out my first album, so that's -- are you, do you have fun doing this stuff? >> oh, yeah, i love it. >> jimmy: you've been working with buddy guy, one of the all-time greats. >> yes. >> jimmy: you have -- you have groupies following you around? >> not yet. >> jimmy: not yet? what do you think of justin bieber? >> ah, he's cool. >> jimmy: he is? >> he's good. >> jimmy: you have to say that or you get thrown out of show business, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. and quinn will be playing with us all night tonight. and later on with the cletones here on our stage. all right, what do we have going on here? tomorrow night we'll be joined by penelope cruz, paul iacono, and have music from oh land. so join us then for that.
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our first guest tonight is an oscar-nominated actor whom you know from many excellent films. his new one is no exception. a thriller called "source code." it opens in theaters april 1st. please say hello to jake gyllenhaal. chpts [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what's going on? how are you? >> can i -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they're enthusiastic. >> very enthusiastic. can i ask you just a question, like, man to man? >> jimmy: do ahead. >> is that a cape tie? that's an enormously wide tie. it's the color of my grandparents ribbon candy at their house. >> jimmy: what do you mean, cape tie? >> throw it back and it could be a cape. >> jimmy: you've outed my secret
12:25 am
identity now. >> it's a wide tie, my friend. >> jimmy: is it really? i don't know. i just put on what i'm handed. >> it looks wider in person. >> jimmy: if there was a frilly little dress, i would put it on -- >> that's a show i would watch. >> jimmy: you turned 30 since the last time you were here. >> i did. >> jimmy: which is a big deal. it's not 11, but -- >> the look over there was like -- i did, yeah. >> jimmy: you're getting old. you really are. did you have a big party. >> thanks. yeah, no, it wasn't a big party. it was like a mellow gathering of friends who i've gathered over the past 30 years. like two or three of them. it was a nice big group. you know, my family and everything like that. everybody got around a table. they gave speeches. >> jimmy: they did? >> and talked about me and stuff about their time with me. it was -- >> jimmy: is that good that they did that? >> as an actor, it's amazing. as an actor, it's a wonderful feeling to have people talking
12:26 am
about you. my deepest narcicisstic wish. >> jimmy: did they tell good stories or bad? >> no, good. >> jimmy: can you tell us what they told? >> my best friend who has been my best friend since by were 6, told the story about, when i was in this movie called "brokeback mountain." >> jimmy: i heard of it. >> so, like, i would take my friends with me, there were a lot of award shows, stuff like that. i told my friends with me, and i took him. i went to london with him at one point and, you know, before the award show i didn't know how to tie my tie. he was tying my tie in the room and my agent, my manager, they walked in, we were like, what, no, what? and, yeah, that was -- and actually the funny part of that story was, when i ended up winning in london when i went there, a huge surprise, and he goes, yeah, baby! like that, and literally
12:27 am
everybody was like, did he just call him baby? he told that story and, you know, he told me, no matter what, we'd always be friends forever. that was a nice thing. >> jimmy: that is a nice thing. >> yeah, and my mom, you know, my mom gave me a special present. >> jimmy: what did your mom give you? >> she gave me, do you know banksy the artist? >> jimmy: yeah, i like him a lot. >> well, you know, she -- >> jimmy: for people who don't know, banksy, he be spray stencils on things and he does funny things and he paints, you know, in public. he plastered our whole nakd here during the oscars. >> i seriously wish he could plaster your tie. >> jimmy: maybe i'll get your boyfriend to tie it up for me. >> i'll shake that one out. >> jimmy: i don't have that. >> he's over there, he's like -- before he was so sad about me turning 30. yeah, no, my mom is a pretty bad ass chick, you know? so she loves banksy.
12:28 am
in fact, for any, you know, my mother was just, is just single, so if there are any awesome guys around her age who are single too, maybe you should -- >> jimmy: you're pimping out your mother? >> i have to. so, yeah, my mom actually came to the party with this big tube, this cardboard tube, really proud. i didn't know what it was. she explained that, my mother had, my sister was working in london and my mom babysits my niece a lot when she takes care of her. she went to go look for banksy because he lives in london. she went to go try to find him. >> jimmy: that's like trying to find the euna bw unabomber. >> she went to places where he put stencils. i can imagine my mother flowing a thug, like, up against a wall,
12:29 am
and be like, where's banksy? i know where you hide him! like, i can imagine that. >> jimmy: why was she trying to find him personally? >> she is a big fan, and so am i and so my mother and i, she's a big fan of "exit through the gift shop." >> jimmy: she was going to bring him to the party? >> my mother comes in, my mother got me a print, a banksy print. the way she got it was, it's very expensive. but what she found out, through one of these thugs she threw up against the wall was that apparently banksy puts out 350 prints every few months or every year and people can go online and try to get them online for free, right. >> jimmy: for free? >> so my mother found this out, she went onlike, 75,000 people got online to get 350 prints. >> jimmy: like a raffle? >> but with my mother, it's war. i can just imagine her like there, it's going to be mine. and she got me a banksy print for my 30th birthday. >> jimmy: wow, that is pretty
12:30 am
impressive. that's amazing. >> yeah. yeah. it was pretty amazing. >> jimmy: she did not find banksy. it's funny. people know the banksy story know how -- >> he's impossible to find. >> jimmy: it's like finding the snuffleupagus. >> he's what's over the rainbow. >> jimmy: that's a pretty good gift. >> it was. pretty amazing. >> jimmy: i don't get gifts like that. almost every gift my parents give me, i have to tell them in some way that i don't want it. i went to my mom's house last weekend, and there was the bench she gave me for christmas sitting in her house. >> you should give her back the tie, too. >> jimmy: i'll do that. jake gyllenhaal is here. "source code" is the movie, it opens april 1st. more with jake when we come back.
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just a taste?
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♪ >> no, no, no. come on!
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>> stop the train. >> jimmy: that is "source code." jake gyllenhaal is here. that is -- oh, i -- we made some alterations here. hopefully this is to your liking. >> it's okay. at least i can't accuse you of having a cape tie. still super wild, dude. >> jimmy: you're right. in the next break i'll thin it out. that, by the way, that is -- i saw the movie -- >> how am i supposed to take you seriously now? >> jimmy: don't even bother. >> like this. i may have cut my microphone cable, too. that scene, that was in you that scene. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that's unbelievable. >> it's an amazing shot. >> jimmy: the movie is great. quite at thriller. >> i think so, too. >> jimmy: i didn't know what i was in for. [ cheers and applause ] and -- it really is -- it's hard to explain the plot of the movie, i think --
12:37 am
>> sort of. i mean -- >> jimmy: for me, i think the best way to describe it is, like, groundhog's day with terrorism. >> sounds like a blast, man. sounds like a blast. >> jimmy: you know that bill murray movie? >> yeah, it is a little bit like that. it's about a computer program that allows somebody to go into somebody else's body for the last eight minutes of their life. and my character is a helicopter pilot and he wakes up on a train. he had just remembered that he had been in afghanistan. he wakes up in somebody else's clothes, across from a woman, he doesn't know who she is. he's confused. he looks at his reflection and he sees it might not be his face. he goes to the bathroom to confirm and it sure enough, he's not in his own body. he's in somebody else's body. a couple minutes later, the train explodes. and so begins the journey of him trying to figure out, you know, it's a government program that he's been put into so it's him trying to figure out who bombed
12:38 am
the train, what is he doing there, why is he there and it's not just a who dun it, which is incredibly tense and engaging the whole time but it's big, huge question that ultimately the movie ends with. so, there are a lot of awesome things involved. >> jimmy: it really is good. after you insulted me earlier, i shouldn't say that. but it's very, very -- you should be very proud. >> the movie is wide. the movie is very wide movie. it's girthy and wide. so, i think you'd understand that. >> jimmy: it's in that wi widescreen format. >> if you like jimmy kimmel and how he dresses, you will like "source code." guaranteed. >> jimmy: i want to point out that you are on the cover of "men's journal" magazine. looking very serious. in this, i was looking at this interview, you take the writer to a restaurant, which is typical, but the restaurant you take him to is the ikea in
12:39 am
burbank. >> why is that funny? >> jimmy: you took him to a snack wbar. >> yeah, man, they have the best swedish meat balls in los angeles. not only that, i play my game right. with journalists, if you take them through the maze that is ikea, they won't even know what they're asking you. come on. but they are the best swedish meat balls around. >> jimmy: you're a big fan of foods, you're an aficionado of food. i hate to use the word foodie. it's a terrible word. when you go to a town, will you research the different foods beforehand -- >> jimmy, why are we playing this like this? come on, i'll ask you for references. >> jimmy: i'm not sure if i immediately thrust the suggestions on you. >> you did. because when i was shooting "source code" i came on the show and you said to me, if you're in montreal, you have to go to this
12:40 am
place, buteauties, schwartz's, l good places. i'm a glutton all around the world. >> by the way, best sandwich as schwartz's in montreal. >> jimmy: excellent. smoked meats. very good stuff. so, do you do that? do you ask people before hand? do have a spot you go to to research? >> yeah, i go to "jimmy kimmel live." and then i also, yeah, i -- i'm a -- i work with this organization called the edible school yard. and she and banksy give me references all the time. no, and she, i was in australia recently, i went to australia to do work there and she gave me references of amazing places to go. yeah, i ask people. >> jimmy: how was that? was she right on with the places? >> yeah, the only problem is that we were there a week, or maybe a couple days before oprah was there -- >> jimmy: she ate everything? i don't know.
12:41 am
no, no. please, she's a very dear friend. very dear friend. we kid each other like that all the time. >> but like, they're like, you know, we have a somewhat celebrity coming in for dinner, would you, can you have a table for them, and so everybody thought oprah was coming in. so, when we would walk in, i'd be like, this restaurant is great, they were like, oh, okay. they would have hand carved a chair with an o in it for her and they'd have to scurry it away. oh, it's jake whatever. >> jimmy: we can't all be oprah. i tell you what, i recommend highly that people go see the movie. it's called "source code." it opens april 1st. jake gyllenhaal, everybody. we'll be right back with jerry weintraub.
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>> jimmy: that is quinn sullivan on dui tar. he's going to play for us a little bit later on. our next guest might be the only thing led zeppelin, frank sinatra, john denver, george clooney and ralph macchio have in common. he's a producer, deal-maker and the subject of a new documentary called "his way." watch it starting april 4th on hbo. please welcome jerry weintraub. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: your tie looks good. i don't note about that gyllenhaal. he doesn't know about ties.
12:52 am
>> very strange. strange tie. >> jimmy: i know. maybe i'll start a new thing, you know? this could be my version of lady gaga's meat suit. >> if you sign it for me, i can sell it on ebay. >> jimmy: sure, $8 for it. great to see you. the documentary is fantastic. very entertaining. >> thank you. >> jimmy: george clooney told a story about you in this documentary, i should say, just to tell people, you, movie producer, music producer, managers of some of the biggest stars, elvis, you name it, you were with these people. sometimes you weren't entire ll honest with your clients. true? >> no. >> jimmy: what about john denver, who is -- >> well, john denver. >> jimmy: that's different. >> you talk about the ferguson story. >> jimmy: yeah, john denver. >> he was a little upset with me at one point in his career. and he was paying me a lot of money. and he was a huge star and he
12:53 am
was in england. and he was traveling around europe and he kept calling, saying, you have to come over here, nothing's good, i'm not happy with anything, this and that. and my people kept calling, said, jerry, get over here, he's going to fire you. i said, i can't, i have elvis and frank and the carpenters and, i'm a little busy, dylan. and they said, no, you have to come over and see him. come over for a day and see him. so i flew over to london. when i got there, he was prancing up and down in front of the hotel. pissed off. couldn't have been worse. and i got out -- >> jimmy: i can't imagine him mad to start with. >> he was mad. i got out of the car. he said to me, we got a problem. i said, okay, what is the problem? he said, well, the airplanes are no good, the sound system stinks, the buildings are no good, the tour is awful, the food's office, everything, it's just all wrong, it's no good, jerry.
12:54 am
i said, john, can i just get a little sleep, i just flew in from los angeles, i was on a 12-hour flight. he said, okay, when can we meet? i said, 5:00. he said, fine, we'll meet at 5:00. i went upstairs, 5:00, downstairs, sit down with john. i said, john, i took care of everything. you did? what did you do? i said, i fired ferguson. he said, you didn't. i said, i did. he said, why would you do that? i said, because he was in charge of the airplanes and the venues and the sound systems and all the things that, all the things on your list that are wrong. he was in charge of all of those things, i got rid of him. and he said to me, everything is going to be all right now? i said, everything is fine now. he said, great, that's great. we went in, he brought the whole band in, all the roadies, he had a meeting with them, he said, jerry took care of everything, everything is going to be fine, he fired ferguson. and they all gave me a big round
12:55 am
of applause and i was the guy and i was fantastic. and that night, john and i went out for dinner. and john was a sweet, sweet man. and i said to him, you know, i really feel terrible about ferguson. he said why? i said, he's got a wife and three kids, it's almost christmas, we didn't give him any severance, it's not like you, it's not like me, we don't, we don't do our business this way. we got to do something for ferguson. he said, what do you want to do? i said, well, let's hire him back, put him in another department. he said to me, okay, if you want. i think that's the thing to do. because it's really, it's close to christmas, three kid kids, m god. there was no ferguson. i just made him up to fire him. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, you got to do what you got to do. i hate to boil it down to one thing, but if there's one secret
12:56 am
to being successful in this business, what is your secret? >> in our business? well, not wearing ties like that. the secret to my success is that i think the secret to my success is, i never hear the word "no." when i hear that, it means maybe. i get it to maybe. when i get it to maybe, then i get it to yes. so, i think that's the secret. and when i believe in something, any movie i ever believed in, all the ocean's movies, all the movies i did in my life, all the bands i was working with and so on, if people said to me, they stink, they're no good, that's a terrible idea for a movie, i never heard it. i just went ahead and did it. i just powered ahead and i got a yes. >> jimmy: you have maybe the most fascinating part, besides the business stuff, is your personal relationship and how you've managed that. because -- >> really?
12:57 am
>> jimmy: that is something else. you've got a wife and you've got a girlfriend and they're both perfectly fine with it. >> isn't that something? >> jimmy: that is something. [ applause ] that's a guy who doesn't hear the word no. >> and, by the way, you know, they are best friends. >> jimmy: even weirder. >> and they are best friends. and they go out to dinner together and they cook in the same kitchen and they both love me very much. >> jimmy: are you sure they're not planning to kill you? >> i don't know, but maybe if i broke jake gyllenhaal's mother-in-law along -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> then we could have a problem. >> jimmy: she's looking for a man. >> but the fact of the matter is that i am in love with my wife and i've been married to her for 50 years. [ applause ] >> wait, wait. >> jimmy: give it a minute. >> and i am in love with my girlfriend. who i've been with for 20 years.
12:58 am
>> jimmy: for 20 years. wow. >> and i love them both. >> jimmy: how did you arrange that? >> i didn't. i can't take credit for it. every guy in the world wants to know how i arranged it. how did you do this? >> jimmy: tell us the events leading up to this arrangement. >> the fact of the matter is, the events that led up to it was, my wife said to me, many years ago, if you find somebody else you want to be with, it's okay with me. just tell me about it, don't lie to me. tell me about it. and when i fell in love with somebody else, i went to her. she was a very big star, jane morga morgan. and i went to her and i said, i've fallen in love with somebody else. he said, i know. i know who it is. it's suzie. i said, right. she's a wonderful woman, i like her very much. she's terrific. and, you know what? you're her problem now. >> jimmy: really?
12:59 am
>> don't come back here, stay over there. >> jimmy: and so you got this thing -- >> we had this, truth of the matter is, people meet people in life and sometimes -- very rarely you have a great love affair. i got lucky twice. so, i got two great love affairs in my life. >> jimmy: no question about that. >> and they are both still there and there for me and i love them both very, very much and they can have anything they want, do anything they want and we have a great time. >> jimmy: just to give you a sampling -- >> this is not a menage a trois. >> jimmy: as far as you know. we have a clip from the documentary, your friends talking about your personal arrangement. >> as long as the three of you are happy with it, you know, we'll figure out how weir going to go holidays and move on. >> very mature, you might say. >> they seem to have what they
1:00 am
want. >> i'm happy if they're happy. >> if everyone's happy, fair deal. >> he's the only guy in the world to pull it off. >> i could never pull it off. >> i know i couldn't. >> i'd kill george bush if he did that. >> jimmy: i think that's a felony. jerry weintraub, everybody. "his way" premieres april 4th on hbo. we'll be right back with quinn sullivan. hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmm
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>> jimmy: this is his debut album called "cyclone." here with the song "my sweet guitar," with some help from a few members of the cletones, quinn sullivan. ♪ ♪ there's a feeling i get when i hold you there's a feeling i get when i pick you up ♪ ♪ lightning striking i feel it i like it ♪ ♪ when i run my fingers up and down your neck i just can't explain all the joy i get ♪
1:04 am
♪ it's real and it's magic i just gotta have it ♪ ♪ i got to have you with me day and night you're the only thing that makes me feel all right ♪ ♪ everybody wants to know who you are you're my sweet guitar ♪ ♪ i really love the shape of your body i wouldn't trade you for nobody ♪ ♪ you're loud and electric check out this lick ♪ ♪ i got to have you with me day and night you're the only thing that makes me feel all right ♪ ♪ everybody wants to know just who you are you're my sweet guitar i gotta play ♪


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